Monday, February 3, 2014

Nothing is forever!

I am one of those people that fall into a daily routine very easily. My routine used to be that I would get up about 7 am and go for a mile and half walk down to one of the local bars, not to have alcohol but the owner always has a fresh pot of coffee brewed for the local early risers. I drink a lot of coffee. I return home about 9 am and eat breakfast before texting my sister. We either text back and forth or she would call and we would chat for about an hour. Afterwards, I would blog whatever and check emails before writing whichever book I am working on at the time. Her sudden death disrupted that routine. Ever since returning from the funeral at Christmas time, I have not went for my walks nor do I text anyone in the mornings. My day starts off empty, now!

My sister was constantly saying, she wants to live before she died. Her husband had turned her into a recluse like him staying in the house all the time. She purchased an RV and wanted to come to live with me. I was going to be her driver taking her all around the USA. Also taking her out to make friends, something she lost being a recluse but events that occurred prevented her from doing that. I now understand why some successful people go off the deep end, they are one top for such a short time before their world comes crashing down as the next wonder of the world appears. My advice to everyone is to learn to live before it is all over. That means have fun, laugh everyday and spend less time worrying about tomorrow that might never come. Talk back, I'm Listening!