Monday, February 24, 2014

My review of "The Harvest"

Very seldom does a book make me stay up most of the night to reach the ending like this one did. Normally, I only stay up late in writing when the story is really flowing. All I can say right off is "WOW" Anne Ferretti's The Harvest kept me locked into reading most of the night. It took hold of me and I had to even read while eating my dinner. LOL! If I could have given this book six stars, I would have. Great writing and great story for those that love this kind of book. Now for the review-

 A government top-secret program takes an unexpected turn when Aliens us it to come to Earth. Feeding on human organs and their blood, these creatures are unstoppable by human weapons. The author by her writing places you there making you feel their emotions, including their sorrows, hatred, utter confusion on what is going on and despair. I found myself cheering on the small band that is trying to stay alive and stop the killing of their fellow humans while trying to find lost loved ones.

Main Characters are-
Captain Austin Reynolds. U.S. Marines commando commander in search of his wife (Jenni) and his son(Ryan) taken by the aliens. He has the skills to keep the others alive in his group while avoiding falling in love with one of them. Revenge and the search for his family is his driving force. One of his secret weapons was a creature called Eve that saved his life when he was nine. She kept showing him glimpses of the future.
 Lieutenant Madison Capra the tough cop that worked her way up to lieutenant. She doesn’t take crap from anyone but ends up falling in love with Austin even though she knows she has no chance of him returning the love, his family was all that mattered to him. Tough enough to survive on her own until she meets Austin and Luke joining with them to rid the world of this new terror.
Luke, the football quarterback that finds surviving in the new world harder than quarterbacking a team on the field. He depends on Austin to keep him alive and to teach him how to survive.
Zack, the intelligent one that made a fortune when marijuana was legalized in Colorado. Thinking he was no more than a drug dealer, Austin at first has no use for him but soon learns Zack has talents that he kept hidden.
Edward, the tax accountant joins the team after being prisoner of a gang of teenage hoodlums that think they can do anything they want including sacrificing humans so the Aliens would leave them alone.
Eve, the alien creature that kept Austin alive not knowing why he was important to her but would speak to Austin in his head for him to rescue her from captivity by a crazed General. She had one downfall, she existed by living on human blood.
I will highly recommend this book to readers all over the world that likes to get lost in a book that will keep their attention from beginning to the end.

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