Thursday, February 20, 2014

My review of "In the Beginning" by Jane Dougherty

My review of the book, In the Beginning by Jane Dougherty. Four and half stars was my rating.

It was clear after I read it, this was the prequel to the Green Woman series. That is okay with me even though I haven't read the Dark Citadel yet either. That is the first book in the Green woman series by Jane. In this book, the author sets up the world the characters live in and how they were drawn into the stories. Sort of an induction book yet has enough action to keep you in the story along with emotions that make you keep reading.

Rachel, the main character is of course the woman called to become the new green woman. At first she fought it but soon realized it would mean her death if she stayed where she was.

Deborah, Rachel's daughter has images in her head that she can't understand but enjoys the life she is shown after being separated from her mother.

Jonah, another young character is drawn from his world after his parents die and becomes a member of a dog group where they protect him and teach him to survive out of the enclosed world he lived in.

The book was able to hold my attention and the story was well presented so I gave it four and half stars on my rating system. Since it left me hanging wondering what was going to happen when they all came together or if they did, that stopped me from giving it five full stars. I would recommend this book to readers that love stories like this one. Jane, created a world different from our own and does so with style. You can take a look inside the book at this link:

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