Monday, March 11, 2013

Skull injury!

My friend, Albert Vance fell off his roof onto the concrete below suffering a head injury. At first he was questionable whether he would live but he is hanging in there. His wife, Linda is on oxygen and I'm sure he was taking good care of her, now she has to hope he lives. Out prayers go out to Albert and Linda especially Albert, that he is able to recover. Send your prayers for Albert regardless of who you call God, Allah or whatever that he recovers from this, Linda and the world needs him!
A few weeks ago, another of our friends, Sammi and I knew and respected died suddenly. Carolyn Dixon suffered a massive stroke on a Friday and Sunday night she was gone. Her daughter Stacy has yet to recover from the loss of her mother so sudden like. Carolyn just had a hip replacement a couple of years ago so she could live a normal life, Carolyn was sixty-five.
The suddenness of change does come suddenly in life. One minute Albert was just like you and I, now he is struggling just to live and begin the long road to recovery. I am reminded of how sudden events can change the course of your life. I was eleven when my father died of a heart attack and sometimes wonder what my life would have been like if he had lived? He was only in his thirties when he died.
It seems once we pass fifty, things seemed to happen more suddenly. My first wife Dolores died soon after turning fifty of a massive heart attack. She was the mother of four of my children. My second wife, Alicia (Lisa) died a couple of years after she turned fifty of pancreatic cancer. She was the mother of another of my children. My sister Mary Sue died of lung cancer. My mother died of diabetic complications when she was sixty-one. My wife Sammi's father died of a heart attack in his early sixties. 
As we walk through life thinking they will always be around like we see them everyday, then events happen that change that! Talk back to me, I'm listening!