Thursday, January 17, 2013


Today, I couldn't come up with a Theme for this blog so I revisited my old thoughts. Putting on my reading glasses, I went to work. I touched on the subject of why I wrote "A Stranger Comes Crawling". The idea came to me while writing "A Need for Lightning" part of the Lightning in the Tunnel Series" about an alien contact. So the idea of an alien coming to Earth in present times was born. Unlike most books that present the alien as something fierce or weird, I tried to make it human as much as possible but with differences that would arise in an Alien world. Ripley or Rip as I call him is actually the main character. A nineteen year old man that is scheduled to begin college that fall but he never makes it to college because of the arrival of the Alien! He gets his education from the Alien and the two streetwise females that become part of his and his wife Holly's family. I know, here goes author A.G. Moye having a married man having sex with more than just his wife. My wife rolled her eyes at the story when she read it and wanted to know why most of my books doesn't have the man staying true to his wife? If you will note, in the story that he felt compelled to make love to Denise and Sally. Later in the book, you will find out why? Why did he marry her? That you will also find out near the end of the book. NO sneaking a peek to find the answer and don't tell anyone until they read the book and find out for themselves! I understand that you will want to, but it will spoil the fun of reading the story. It wasn't until her parent, Tee`ra showed up that Holly learned that she could control the elements, they do it all the time back on her main world of Zoturna! Holly for her age was really just a child as far as her fellow Minds thought. She was still learning when she arrived in the lifeboat on Earth. Being a child, she absorbed human emotions and found she liked them. Love, laughter and facial expressions were her favorite human emotions. Events that happen force her to face other emotions such as anger! Realizing her powers over things, she uses them to free her family member that was locked up for being an accessory when Holly used her powers in anger resulting in the death of several humans after they killed Sally, part of her human family.
Her wrath when united with Tee`ra and using Rip as an energy source could be destructive as they found out when she created a tornado.
Planting the seed in the Scientist and Engineer's minds and computer in Area 51, Holly gets them to build a spacecraft for her and others to get off Earth. Other characters were shanghaied into leaving Earth with them where they find they are not welcome on her home worlds after finding out the terrible secrets of the Minds that rule the planets.