Monday, January 7, 2013

Fear of being wrong!

All my life has been filled with mistakes but I overcame everyone of them! When I was working before I retired, I worked my way up into higher management. Sure, I made mistakes but each one of them I would step back and ask why it was a mistake? Was it because I didn't have the complete data or made wrong assumptions? Sometimes I would go back to college to get background information to compete with those around me that had a bunch of degrees so I would reduce the chances of repeating a mistake. The key thing about making a mistake is Learn from it! I know at lot of people that don't do something because they are afraid of making a mistake. Do it and correct your mistake as you go along! Don't be afraid to make a mistake! Mistakes are a great teaching tool! I rose in Management by learning from my mistakes and with the help of great mentors. Don't be afraid to ask for help! That is a sign that you are willing to listen! People are willing to reach out with a helping hand when they know you will listen!Is writing a mistake for me? It could be but as I write having stories to tell, I feel I am getting better with each book and some day I will get to the level that others are but after each book is complete, I see improvement. Perfection is not my cup of tea!  I know some don't publish until they feel they have the perfect book. I want to tell my stories and if they are not prefect, oh well, I'm getting better each time. I believe the readers will find my books interesting and enjoyable to read. That is why I write them to enjoy! Why do you write?
Maybe, one day one of my books might become a classic? Who knows, a lot of writers never suceed in their lifetimes. It is later they become great, just as many painters do! I think my next stories will be even better than the early stories! Brandi's Nightmare being one of them along with "A Stranger Comes Crawling" and T.T. Gristman! Each of these stories were written or rewritten as I became a better writer. Brandi's nightmare is my mystery book. A Stranger comes crawling is my first book about aliens coming to Earth. T.T. is my first time travel book! With the Lightning in the Tunnel series concluding this year, you will see more SiFi books coming out from me. The one that I have returned to writing is called "Chronicles of the Marauder". I think it will take several months before I'm finished with it and ready to edit. Once it is finished, I will go back and finish my one attempt at writing a western then get back on my next SiFi called "Planet of the Midnight Mist" or write the sequel to A Stranger Comes crawling. So you see, I have a busy year planned for my writing. I hope the readers see my steady improvement in my books. HaHa!
Talk back to me! I'm Listening!