Friday, January 11, 2013

Back at it!

It was good for me yesterday to post something on this blog spot. It got me somewhat back into wanting to do something. Yesterday, I just couldn't get into the swing of things, actually it had been for two days that way. I think I wrote only one line in my book "Chronicles of the Marauder" in three days. That is a rarity for me. Usually I am just banging away at the keyboard.  I still haven't done any today even though I wrote in my mind the next scene in the book. Now, to just get it down on the computer. I know when the mood strikes me, I will be up all hours of the night until I get that scene down on the computer. It is a long scene and I hope I can translate it from my mind into words so it comes out right!
I felt so good yesterday after my first blog that I actually went on my other two blogs are put something on them. and http://www.lightninggeorge My first time in a few days.
I think 2013 is going to be a slow year for me. I will have only two maybe three books coming out instead of four or more! Brandi's Nightmare" will be out after editing. I am already starting to blog about it some on http://www.agmoyemystery I am still debating about maybe putting the first chapter or so on Amazon Kindle to see how people react to it. I just don't know if I will make it free or charge 99 cents for it? Since editing will take a while, I have time to make up my mind. What do you think I should do?
I am still not happy about the ending, I guess I will revisit that once it is edited or close to being final edited. For this book, the reader is guaranteed to have to skip to the ending to find out who the killer is. Ha Ha! Brandi's nightmare can be found on this website:

Talk back to me, I'm listening!