Friday, January 4, 2013

Took a day off!

Took the day of from writing and blogging, spirits down, so I decided to convert the barn hayloft into a guest room. It will be a long project but I will get it done with the help of my wife, Sammi. We make a great team to get things done. Don't know how much this will effect my writing time but I know I will blog less than once a day on this site and my other sites about my books.
Brandi's Nightmare is in editing and I was informed this will be a slow process so it might not make it out until February instead of in January! Been thinking about Lightning in the Tunnel Begins and I think I will rewrite it and republish it on Kindle once again! I am still not happy with certain parts. I guess all writers go through this? Since it is the first book of the Series, I want it to be even better than it is!
Life in 2013 will see a lot of changes, at least for me, maybe not the rest of you. I think I will be even better writer in 2013 and beyond as my writing skills improve and I perfect my style of writing which is a lot different than others. At least I think it is? Looking at other writers, I can see the difference between theirs and mine. I hope the readers like it!
Now to chat about my books, I know I don't stay in one genre by my writing because I write whatever stories that come to mind. Such as "T.T. Gristman-Time traveler"  or my Sifi "A Stranger Comes Crawling" in a stranger comes crawling I don't go into a lot of detail about how something works. I feel the reader doesn't care about how it works, only that it does so the story flows better in my estimation. Talk back, I'm Listening! make a comment or email me!
links for those that would like to read a copy of these two books: for ebook T.T. Gristman for paperback: 
For a stranger comes crawling: ebook for the paperback version:http//     Talk back to me!