Friday, January 25, 2013

The day after Publishing

The euphoria has died down now that my latest book is published on Amazon and Createspace. "Brandi's Nightmare" went live yesterday. The paperback will go live on Amazon in a few days but anyone can get it on Createspace right now. Now comes the hard part, trying to get people to read it. I did some of the usual things, Blogging, etc, but I know it is a long hard road to get people to read it because there is so many choices out there and so many new authors. I am undaunted in my task of getting the word out! Do you face the same problems? Paying for a publicist is not in my budget so I will have to do it myself.
I will add the links to those sites that now have it available if anyone that reads it so desires to purchase a copy. for the ebook. For the paperback  I priced both books low to enable the readers to afford a copy. Only $2.99 for the ebook and $12.49 for the paperback.
Now on to talking about other things. I placed my "Changes a Bullet Makes" as free today and Saturday on KPD select! Hoping to get readers caught up in my series called "Lightning in the Tunnel" and maybe they will start to follow the series and get caught up in it. I am still rewriting the second book after I took the Original book called "Lightning in the Tunnel, In the Beginning" off the market because i was unhappy with the story. I replaced it with two books because it was too long to keep as one book after the changes. The first book is out called "Lightning in the Tunnel Begins" and the second one is called "Lightning in the Tunnel-Rescue" is still being rewritten. I bounce back and forth between it and my new SiFi called "Chronicles of the Marauder" that is more of my focus right now!
I feel in my bones that 2013 will be the year when one of my books hit the best seller list but it could be arthritis I'm feeling! LOL
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