Tuesday, January 1, 2013

So it is a new year!

Now that all the hoopla is behind us, we all must get down to work to make this a new year what we expect from us. Some made resolutions for the new year, try to keep them. Some of us are glad that it is a new year leaving behind the old problems and challenges. Me, I feel it will be an ever better year for me, last year was okay as far as things went. It marked my first full year in retirement and the completion of several of my books or publishing several. I am one book away from finishing my Lightning in the Tunnel series! My SiFi, about alien coming to Earth and taking her husband back to her worlds, has been selling well. I expect greater results this year. I have started the sequel to it and will finish it some time this year. My only disappointment has been "T.T. Gristman" about a one-arm mountain man! I guess most are not interested in time traveling mixed with a love story of sorts. Readers are funny that way. What catches their interest can change day to day.
I am sure a lot of people received some kind of ereader over the holidays since that is a big gift idea. Now to just get them to sample some of my books.I need to get over my nervousness about doing a Blogtalk Radio show and do my first interview of special guests on it. I'm thinking of doing it once a month until I get good at it. What do you think?
I keep joining other sites that will give me more exposure out there. I just joined CulturalBook and I'm slowly learning how to use it. My first problem is being unable to load only one book when I have ten out there. If I knew I could only load one book, I would have picked "A Stranger Comes Crawling" instead of Lightning in the Tunnel Begins! You live and you learn!
Now that "Brandi's Nightmare" has went to editing, I can go back and work on the "Chronicles of the Marauder" and my redo of the second book in the Lightning series called "Lightning in the Tunnel-Rescue"  The first book that I wrote of the series, I had to split into two parts because it was so long. Right now if a reader reads the series starting with Lightning in the Tunnel Begins" there is a slight gap until the read "Zigzagging Home" the rescue will fill in that gap but I'm in no hurry to do it.
Hope everyone is safe and not too hungover from the New Year's parties to talk back to me! Give me a chat! on Twitter at @Agmoye or agmoye.moye406@gmail.com or just make a comment on the bottom here! I will get back to you one way or another!