Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Updating things!

If you didn't notice, I changed the title of this blog from "Dreams that Haunt us" to "Things that haunt us!" as I try to get a more accurate title. I also went on Linken and updated some of my newer books on my profile. I guess this is the day to update various sites. I went to amazon and updated or renewed my status on "Changes a Bullet Makes" to keep it in KDP select for another ninety days! I need to go to the World Literary Cafe and add all my books to that site since there is only three on there. Shelfaire has all my books to date there. Culturalbook has only one book on it, "A Stranger Comes Crawling" because I can't figure out how to add more books. As the days progress I will try to get all the different groups/clubs I have joined updated over the past few years. My newest one ASMSG, I have no idea what books they will show on their site?
My attempts to touch readers has led my to join all these various sites along with making connections with those Indie Writers like me! I lean very heavily on their expertize on learning what to do. Linken has been a great area of contacting those people. Indies Unlimited has been another great source.
My book "Brandi's Nightmare" is still in editing and I am seeing it is a long slow process before I publish it. I am thinking about publishing the first chapter or two on Amazon (cheap selling price or free) so readers can get a look at the story then come out with the full version later on! I hear pros and cons on this.
I might do the same thing when I am ready to publish the "Chronicles of the Marauder" but that is a way down the line (Maybe) I only have a hundred pages of it written so far. But I have the next Chapter in my head and will get it on the computer soon! I still haven't asked Kate to generate a cover for it!
Talk back to me! I'm Listening! Love to chat about anything and everything!