Sunday, January 20, 2013

Another cup of coffee, needed!

I had to get my second cup of coffee trying to kick start my brain so I could write this. I was up late last night and slow about getting to my writing. Yesterday, I spent most of the day cleaning out my hayloft, didn't know I had so much junk stored up there. But I will get it all out sooner or later to convert it into a guest room. Since we don't have any horses, no need for a hayloft.
Now back to my writing. I haven't written much for the past three days. don't know why but I just seem to be pausing in my writing of "Chronicles of the Marauder". I have written the next few pages in my head but have yet to put it down. I'm spending a lot of time reading and answering or commenting on my emails. That is fine with me, keep them coming! Since joining Linkened (Wrtier's Network) and A.S.M.S.G, I have a lot more distractions but like I said, that is okay with me.
Brandi's Nightnmare is still in editing, it looks like it won't be out until the end of February of 2013.  I hope there is not a lot of corrections or changes that need to be made, but that is part of writing.
Except for three bad reviews before I changed it even more, Lightning in the Tunnel Begins is selling okay. Maybe, the bad reviews has provoked reader's interest in what the fuss is all about. The grammar one complained about is just my style of writing and I'm not going to change that. Maybe the sex parts are what has reader's interested in since the success of Fifty Shades of Gray!  I don't know but I like it! Check it out for yourself, I have the complete novel for only ninety-nine cents on Amazon and Smashwords! Paperback is only $14.99!
Now, I need to get back to my writing! Have a nice day, talk to me! I'm Listening!