Thursday, January 24, 2013

It's finally out!

I was surprised when "Brandi's Nightmare" came back from editing with only a few corrections and changes recommended. I published it right away on Kindle and started working on publishing it on Createspace to get the paperback out there since I have not bothered with looking for a traditional publisher for that book since it is not in my normal genre. It was my first and most likely my last unless it becomes a best seller of course!
Some have commented on my photo that it should be more professionally done but I like the jagged look of the picture. It fits my personality and writing style. LOL Now that Brandi is out, I can concentrate on writing my "Chronicles of the Marauder" so i can get it out later this year!
Since I like working on two or three books at a time, I am indecisive about whether I should start on the "Planet of the Midnight Mists" or go back to my western "Saddle Spur". I feel like I should go to the western since it is also out of my genre but I like jumping back and forth from one genre to another!
I may ask Kate to go ahead and create me a cover for both stories so which ever I finish first, I can blog on and talk about more! I feel it is important that in my blogs or talking that I have a picture so my readers can become familiar with it. What do you think?
It has been nice chatting with you!Talk back to me, I'm listening! My email address is I am on Twitter at or just comment on this post. I will get back to you sooner or later!