Monday, January 28, 2013

A little Frustration!

   Yesterday on Linkened- Writer's Network I saw where a writer posted his frustration about lack of book sales. I know how he feels but if he thought just because he wrote a good book that immediately it would become a best seller, he is in writing for the wrong reasons. Very few actually hit the best seller unless you are a big named author or word of mouth gets your sales to slowly climb. Then people start noticing your book. For an unknown to have high books sales it takes a lot of time regardless of how good the book is. I know there are millions of authors out there trying to do the same things. Get on the best seller list! But most authors plug along hoping some people will read their work and like it. Not get frustrated and want to give up. Me. I love to write and being retired that keeps my brain active even though the only thing getting a work out is my mind, eyes and fingers. The rest of my body, I have to depend on the exercise machine to keep it in shape.
   His biggest complaint was only making a couple of dollars a week off sales. That is better than nothing and should tell him that slowly the word about his book is getting out. One day fortune might smile upon him and sales pick up but he has to continue to plug away using social media and whatever else he can find to get the word out. Continue to improve his writing skills and maybe his next book will be the one that gets noticed and his sales will increase.
   We all are in this race together to get the word out. My advice to that writer is you have to stay in the race to win. Remember the Hare and the Turtle, some people jump out of the starting gate with great hoopla and looks like they will finish first but then it fizzles out and the turtle just plods along and eventually wins the race. For all us unknowns, we are the turtles and must keep plodding along to the finish line! Have a good day and keep plodding! Or is it blogging along?
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