Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Look at the sunshine!

Seeing the sunshine after several days of overcast and snow, it warms the soul! Also putting everyone in a better mood it seems. I don't know about you but several days of overcast seems to depress me and make me write sad parts in my books. When the sun is out, I tend to want to write happy scenes!
I see all four of the cats that now call this their home are waiting on the front porch waiting on food. We started out with one male cat "Claw" and it was that way for about a year or two then he brought home a female feral cat we ended up naming "Cleo" and it turned out she had three kittens in our barn. She ran off the male kitten but the two females hung around and now we have named them CeeCee and Clamity. Now we are stuck feeding four cats but at least the females hunt whereas the male did nothing but lay around, chase females and fight with the neighboring males for the females. I guess our male got tired of chasing females when he brought the one female home. LOL! But he still goes on the prowl for other females. I just hope he don't bring anymore here!
For those of you that don't know, I wrote my first SiFi about an alien that comes to Earth and marries a human. The trials and tribulations they go through here on Earth covers most of the book but feeling they had to get off Earth before humans found some way to kill his wife, Rip goes with her back to her home worlds after Holly (Alien) and her mother cause a tornado to form to free one that Holly calls her human family that was sent to prison for something that Holly and her parent, Tee`ra did! Once on her home worlds, Rip finds out why he suddenly fell in love with Holly and married her. This is Not  a story of true love and living happy ever after. I am writing a little of the sequel to this book but right now I have no name for it instead I'm concentrating on writing my other SiFi called "Chronicles of the Marauder" that I want to have out in early spring or summer.If anyone wants to read the blogs of this story I posted before just go to
If your interested in ordering a copy or downloading a copy, information is on that site.
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