Sunday, January 6, 2013

My Hat?

I'm starting to skip a day between blogs to give me more time to work on my books. I have spent the last day or two rewriting my first book of the series, Lightning in the Tunnel Begins  hopefully this version will get better reviews. I took more sex scenes out and added more background information on the characters. Maybe, this time people will read the story line and not concentrate on the sex scenes. The book is not an erotica book, that was never my intent to write one but when I first wrote the book, sex sales! was the motto everywhere on TV and elsewhere so I thought including that would boost sales. I was wrong! Readers only concentrated on the sex scenes and not what the story was about! I have learned my lesson and hopefully improved my writing skills to the point where the reader finds my work interesting and enjoyable to read. It is a very good story line according to one reviewer!
Now, All I have to do is upload it to Amazon and Smashwords the new version, I will do that later today for people to download next week. My paperback version will take a few days to rewrite and put it into print! I love this cover, it tells so much of the story in just a picture especially if you look close at it. You see the city with the mushroom cloud forming above it with the shock wave spreading out! Kate the Half-Light does an excellent job!
Now, I can get back to working on my Chronicles of the Marauder while waiting on Brandi's Nightmare to be edited. It is a slow process as all you writers out there know! This book was actually started long before I wrote the Lightning in the Tunnel Series but I put it aside having written it in long hand up in the hayloft with a couple of other stories. After I wrote "T.T. Gristman/Time Traveler" I started putting Brandi on the computer. Finding that someone else had the name Brandi, I changed it to Brandi's Nightmare a few weeks before I ask Kate to make me a cover for it. Once she did that, I hurried up and finished writing it on the computer and now it is finally in editing. This is my first mystery book, I will see how it goes and what the readers think of it.
I will be asking Kate, Half-Light to create me a cover for Chronicles of the Marauder when I am about three quarters done. That is about three months or longer off. How is you day going, are you looking forward to next week? Talk back to me, I'm listening!