Monday, January 14, 2013

It is Time!

Fitting title since I want to talk to you today about my book "T.T. Gristman" time traveler. Every once in a while I feel a writer has to break out from the mold they were first cast in. With this book, I feel I have done just that. It is a story about a one armed mountain man that lived up on his mountain all alone after her grandparents died. He had no inclination to live else where. Having no telephone, no TV or no electricity at all, he never knew what he was missing! Leaving school in the seventh grade to help his Grandfather on the working the farm, he never kept up contact with the outside. When a moonshine still exploded that he was tending to when his grandfather became to ill to do so exploded, he lost the use of his right arm. His Grandmother tended to the breaks in his arm since he didn't want to leave the mountain to see a real doctor. His right arm after healing, he found he had no use of it. It hung useless at his side. He started using a leather strap to keep it out of his way while he learned to do everything one handed. As time passed, he became better one armed than most men with two arms.
As fate would have it, his ignorance and ignoring notices from the government about taxes soon had his home being sold at an auction to pay back taxes. Lucky for him, he started once a week walking to town and enjoying a cold one. Most people ignored him feeling he had a bad temper after a bar fight with two drunks that he beat up so badly that they had to go to the hospital. Since they started the fight, no charges were filed against him but he was banned from the bar for a while. His reputation grew even more when the story of his fighting a mountain lion bareheaded and killing it spread around the county!
David, the inventor of a time portal was in trouble. Not only had a savage come through his portal that was lucky for him that the savage killed himself by electrocution when he tried to kill David but also David's twenty-two year old sister, Joyce ran from a spider straight back in time. Now he was forced to send someone after her. David approached two others only to be laughed at, they all thought it was some kind of joke but David had an ace up his sleeve when he went to see if T.T. would go back in time and bring his sister back. He knew that in two days his place was up for auction after hearing his Father brag about how much money he would be making when he bulldozed the mountains down making into retirement villas. He would pay T.T.'s back taxes if he would go back in time for him!
Never had David been inside a bar before but he put away his fears knowing that was where he would find T.T. only one night a week. T.T. at first thought he was playing a prank on him but when David offered to pay his back taxes and give him more money besides, T. T. agreed!
Little did T.T. or Tee as he had been called by his grandparents know that David's sister was such a bitch and snob. He might have declined the offer.
Being in close proximity with a female even under trying circumstances caused Tee to fall in love with her over time. He had been with only one female before he lost the use of his arm. A chance encounter finding an older female swimming nude in the stream near his mountain. She gave him his first taste of sex but he never saw her again. He never realized how alone he had been up on the mountains. Follow his adventures and search for love at these links:  for ebook or for paperback: or
I think you will enjoy a nice refreshing reading! Talk back to me! I'm Listening! A new title for this blog!