Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Which way from Here?

Yesterday, I mentioned that I was making the full shift to being an Indie writer. I reached that decision after becoming dissatisfied with my supposely TP. I will finish my Series on SP most likely using Createspace and Amazon unless a real TP comes along. There is only one more book to be published in the series called "Lightning Rages" I might finish it this year or maybe not! I had to go back and rewrite most of it since making some changes to my previous two books "Changes a Bullet Makes" and "A Need for Lightning"  It requires a major overhaul but the ending won't change.
What keeps me from finishing it is I'm trying to finish my mystery book now called "Brandi's Nightmare" if I can stay off writing another SiFi which I think I like better than mystery books. I originally started Brandi as it was then called before I wrote my Series. Now, I'm updating it to more modern times as I come close to finishing it. Most of the premise is the same, it starts out with her learning of the death of both her parents in a car bomb. She learns the man she called her father all those years wasn't her father. As she tries to unwind what really happened, her life takes twists and turns. Even getting sidetracked for awhile before getting back on finding her parent's killers. I finally figured out who did it and have to just reach the conclusion to have it ready for Publishing after editing.
The other thing that keeps me from completing Brandi is I like writing SiFi better than anything so I've started the sequel to "A Stranger Comes Crawling" while also writing my new SiFi series called the "Chronicles of the Marauder". Which ever one that comes to my mind when I wake up each morning is what I write on that day. I am also working on another SiFi that is on the back burner(Way back) that I started called "Planet of the Midnight Mists" I will be talking about thse books in the near future, right now I am still trying to get everyone to sample my books by putting them free on Kindle every now and then. "A Stranger Comes Crawling" will be free this December 15 and 16th for everyone with a kindle! I have yet to put them on other ebooks but will do so maybe after the 18th when my KDP expires and I publish by someone else. Anyway, have a good day or night whatever it is in your time zone and be sure to connect with me, leave a comment or contact me on  or on Facebook at
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