Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A Little time traveling!

The time traveling and adventure idea came to my mind when writing the last of the Lightning in the Tunnel series! I had the idea from a dream that I had traveled back in time. T.T. Gristman was born then. I originally was going to call it echoes in time "the T. T. Gristman story" but then changed my mind and shortened it to "T.T. Gristman" It was a story about a one-armed mountain man that lived all alone up on his mountains he inherited from his grandparents who turned out to be his great grandparents. Faced with the loss of his property for failure to pay taxes for several years, his salvation was a scrawny-geek looking young man that needed someone to go back in time and rescue his sister that accidentally ran through the time portal. Unlike David the inventor, his sister was a spoiled rich bitch that thought T.T. was beneath her.
David had approached two others to do the task but they just laughed at him thinking time travel was a joke. He knew from his father that T.T. or Tee as the family called him was about to lose his land. After hearing T. T. fought a mountain lion barehanded and won, he figured even though he had only one arm, T.T. was the man for the job.
When David offered to pay his back taxes, T.T. accepted the job but kept in the back of his mind that if this was a trick, he would break the scrawny-looking kid's neck!
Finding it was no trick, T.T. went back in time and wished he hadn't after meeting Joyce (Joy) by the time he was back in his own time, he found himself going back again to do David a favor and bring his great grandmother from Texas back to Kentucky.
Thinking his time traveling days were behind him, he sets out to rebuild his home that a tornado destroyed while he was gone. Diane comes into his life and shows him how to live not as a mountain man recluse, and takes him into the modern world. As a changed man, Tee has the nagging question of what happened to his real parents and how he ended up being adopted by his great grandparents. He must find the answer!
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