Thursday, December 27, 2012

Little late but I'm here

I had to run out to the store after waking up late to get a few items before the roads refreeze and makes it to dangerous to drive. Now, where were we? My wife and I are still competing on writing blogs, she has A strangercomescrawlingand more  where she blogs about my SiFi "A Stranger Comes Crawling" and about my time travel book "T.T. Gristman" and she is beating me most of the time with the most page views! I blog daily on my Lightning in the Tunnel Series" a different book normally each day besides writing this blog to just chat with those out there in cyberspace!
It is important to stay in touch, that is why at the end of each of this blog, I asked for comments or whatever.
I have even started blogging my new mystery book even though it is not finished or edited yet. Those that have viewed it know I do it sporadically just to get the title out there and tell a little about the book. It is called "Brandi's Nightmare" and I blog on it at
just talking.
I really don't want to sell anything or push my books on you at this site. Just want you to be familiar with my work. Once Brandi is finished, then I will get back on to "Chronicles of the Marauder" so it can come out next spring. That is my self imposed deadline. I'm not sure if I will make it but I'm going to try! How about you? Do you set deadlines for yourself to get something done? I find when I push myself, it happens! Otherwise, I just go along saying "I eventually will!"
My other books have been pretty much placed on the shelf not even on the stove yet! I have written a few chapters of each one, "Planet of the Midnight Mist" and "Saddle Spur" my western. Yes, I am attempting to write a western. My sequel to "A Stranger Comes Crawling" has one chapter written as well. As of yet no title has come to mind that I like even though a few have been floating around in my head but nothing jumps out at me. What would you title it? They are up in space in an Alien designed craft and starting back to Earth before more adventures occur! Just food for thought! If you can come up with a catchy title or cover, I would appreciate it!
Talk to me! make comments below or email me at or tweet me at @Agmoye