Tuesday, December 25, 2012

As snow comes down!

As I watch the falling snow and see it cover everything up making it look beautiful even the ugliest thing looks nice! It reminds me of my Series, Lightning in the Tunnel seeing the neighbor's taking food out to their cattle reminds me that even in the harshest conditions, man finds a way to survive. Brad, Vicki, Michele and others had to contend with a nuclear winter that was far worse than the blowing snow I am seeing. It makes you realize how relationships are formed. Being in such a small group at the beginning, the depended on each other to stay warm, be fed and for companionship. When the heater kicks on, I am reminded of how cold it must have been for them. People now days don't have a clue except for those ranchers out in Montana and Wyoming along with those living in Siberia and Alaska of what it is like to have to work and live in such a frozen environment. It is not an easy life but do able!
 The last couple of days, I haven't been in the mood to write on my books especially finishing up "Brandi's Nightmare" so it can be published next year. I was in a reading mood, not even wanting to blog but since I started doing this one daily, I decided I needed to write something. I should blog some on Brandi's Nightmare. I haven't done any blogging on that since the opening salvo. I guess I should get on it after I finish this one. Checking my email before starting, I saw a post about Mark Coker and Smashwords. I became engrossed in reading it about the future of ebooks from his prospective. I found it very interesting and feel he might be right in his twenty-one projections of 2013. Publishing, whether an ebook or paperback is in a state of flux. With Indie writers getting more and more books on the market, it is becoming daily a bigger challenge for an unknown author to get noticed but like he said, They will and some will turn from ugly ducklings into best sellers!
As each of us write, we think our stories will be the next big hit but sadly we realize that overnight success didn't come to those that made it big now! It was a struggle and a long road to the top, yet we still hope that one of our books will get noticed by the public(readers) and allow us a little glimmer of hope for the future.
When my follow Indie writers sat down at the keyboard after all the hoopla of the holidays is over, we will bang out more stories or re-write ones we have already written trying to make them just a little better and have a broader appeal. For those that got new e-readers for Christmas, keep in mind that the free downloads that everyone likes cost the author future money. I know that there is a great variety of books free but take a look at some of the others, they are less than $5.00 most less than $3.00, a great buy anyway you look at it. Most allow you to read part of the story before you have to buy it, that is a great feature allowing you to sample the merchandise before you buy!
If you are looking for interesting reading material, take a look at my author site on Amazon Central-agmoye. You might surprise yourself on the variety of stories I have to offer.
Talk back to me! I would love to hear from you! How is your day going?