Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The road few travels along

As I walk down the road called life, I look back once in a while and see the forks in the road I took. Some good and some were dead ends making me backtrack to get back on the right road. It seems like that is with everyone's life. We don't realize we are on the wrong road until we are so unhappy and lost that it takes another event to show us where we error! A few people are lucky that the road they chose coming into adulthood was the correct one and it leads them right to where they wanted to go. Are you one of the lucky ones? Or like me, took several paths until we came to the right road!
Writing the series, Lightning in the Tunnel the characters became real to me. I felt their heartaches, sadness and yes, even the love they shared. As the world becomes more crowded and it is too expensive for a couple to support a family unless they are born to or inherit money, they will find group marriages are the way to raise the children and have what they want out of life. I saw in my lightning books that this is a viable answer to a lot of problems families in America have. Right now, having the grandparents move in or brothers and sisters sharing a home is the method some are starting to use. It is only logical for the next step, and that is families joining together to make ends meet. I'm not talking about just for sex but for emotional support as well as financial support. One would stay home to tend the children while others worked to support the family. The cost of child care almost makes it impossible for a couple with more than one children to afford to have both spouses working and still makes ends meet. My crystal ball tells me that this concept promoted by others as well as me will take place in the near future, maybe when our grandchildren face life with few options.
Living in today's world is not easy and we must find a way to make it happen for those just starting out. To me it is pathetic that a person with a college degree can only find a job at a fast food place.
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