Saturday, December 22, 2012

Looking into the future!

Now that the world hasn't come to an end, I look forward to Christmas. This weekend is a weekend of a lot of Christmas parties with close friends. It seems like we have one each night including Monday night when we gather with friends and the family. That is what I enjoy most about Christmas, getting together and having a nice evening chatting and eating. Being a diabetic, it is hard to ignore all those sweets but I try not to over do it even though I do eat some, I can't resist totally even though I should! Can you?
I am back to writing again, trying to finish up Brandi's Nightmare, my mystery book. I have started blogging about it on my blog called, check it out when you get a chance. The book still has to go thru editing but I intend to have it out sometime in late January for everyone to enjoy. Unless you read the ending first, I bet you can't figure out who done it until the end! I first started writing this book years ago in long hand and have updated it to the present world when putting it on the computer to have it published. I believe the Character Brandi is totally believable and you will find yourself locked in seeing what happens next!
I have put on the back burner my "Chronicles of the Marauder" until I finish Brandi but some mornings, I just have to write a little each morning when I am not in the mood for Brandi.
"Planet of the Midnight Mists" has been placed off the stove right now so I can finish these other two. Some time in February or March I will get back to it.  My western "Saddle Spur" has joined the Planet off the stove but I might come back to it when I finish the others some time next summer. One thing is for sure, I don't have a shortage of books to write, who knows what might come to my mind next. That is a nice thing about being a writer, my imagination is always in high gear! Ps: the sequel to "A Stranger comes Crawling" keeps coming into my head. I have written the first Chapter even though I have still to name the book! It is sitting on the stove but the burner is not turned on yet!
I hope your joys of the season bring you smiles. Talk back to me! I would love to hear your comments! Twitter:  on email