Saturday, December 8, 2012

Creative process

I just wanted to talk about my creative process used in writing my books. Since I wrote the Lightning in the Tunnel series first, I will speak of it first. I mentioned that the series was originally only three books but my publisher said they were too big for their production process, so I broke them down. That should have been a warning to me about this publisher but like I said,  I broke them down then rewrote what I could to make them a stand alone book and not to large. So the Years of Terror became Zigzagging  Home, The Journey Continues.*, That was when I found that several books existed named the Journey Continues so I changed the name of the next book from A Place Called Home that several other authors used, to A Place called Terra and went on. I had previously written only three books for the series. The last installment was Terror Reigns and it was broken into Three parts, Terror Reigns, General Tomahawk Rises and Changes a Bullet Makes. That was to be the conclusion of the series, but I had a hundred pages left over of the series with no name. The series was the only time I knew where I was going with the books.
While working on getting the series published, I was still working on Brandi, my mystery book. Jumping off both, I wrote "T.T. Gristman" then went back to the series. Unsure of what to do with the last of the material, it wasn't long enough to make into a book and it was boring to me for them to just go to the ranch and ride off into the sunset. So "A Need for Lightning!" was born. While adding Alien contact, I got the idea of what if an Alien landed on Earth and no one but the Authorities knew about it? "A Stranger Comes Crawling" was born! Unlike my series where I knew where I was going until book eight, in a stranger Comes crawling I let the characters tell the story and where it flowed. I think the last few chapters will blow the reader's mind! I won't give away the secret here. Ha Ha!
Returning to A need for Lightning, I completed it and added one more chapter for the actual conclusion of the series called, Lightning Rages!
Gong back to my mystery Book, I found another book called " Brandi" so I renamed my mystery, "Brandi's Nightmare" it is almost finished! If I stay on it. I find in order to write a good mystery it is difficult, but I think I have succeeded. You Readers will tell me if I have! It will get finished early in 2013! Maybe! if I quit leaving it to write more SiFi. I guess I'm getting hooked on SiFi because I have stopped Brandi to start writing two SiFi books. One is called "Planet of the Midnight Mist" and the other is "Chronicles of the Marauder" Midnight mist is the story of an alien world where the visitors (Aliens) are human! The Chronicles is a story about a man that wants to go into space but after spending time in prison, he wins the largest lottery ever awarded. He builds with help from all over the world a spacecraft with crew coming from all over the world. Using the skills of what is considered the world's biggest crackpot scientists, he accomplishes his dream! Talk back, I'm Listening!  Leave me your comments!