Sunday, December 23, 2012

Introducing; Brad and Vicki

I thought it was time to introduce Brad and his wife Vicki as I write the conclusion of the Lightning in the Tunnel series called "Lightning Rages". Brad was born when I was thirty-nine, so I made him the same age with my dark hair(Even though nowdays, it is receding a lot and thinning out) and green eyes. He was my height of six foot two! He married Vicki when he just completed college and went to work in the Metals Industry (That's were I worked for thirty years). That is where the similarity between us ends.
Vicki was this blonde bomshell he married that was a year younger than him. She has blue eyes and is five foot seven with a brain! She was forced to drop out of college studying engineering in her final year to have Cindi, their oldest daughter that looks just like her but younger. Cindi was quickly followed by Brian in less than a year. Brad Junior was born a few years later and after he started to school, Vicki went back and got her degree in engineering.
The two of them were happily married and deeply in love. When they moved from their apartment and bought a house next to Phil, he was into survivalist group and soon convinced them as they became best friends to join him. That led to them building together a bomb shelter that Phil's wife, Barbara called the "Tomb". Everyone picked up on that name and it stuck over the years. Neighbors contributed to the buiding or stocking of the Tomb, so would have a place in it if it was ever needed?
Cindi was the perfect child, never causing them any trouble to speak of but Brian on the other hand became jealous of his sister and hateful causing the parents all kinds of trouble. Especially his joining in hate groups and his violent tendencies. He would do anything to spite Cindi including getting physical with her! Cindi promised she would never hit him after doing so when they were nine and ten, so she never responded to his attacks. Problems with Brian put a strain on the otherwise happy marriage. Vicki, after several times of being unsucessful decided to let Brad deal with him. Maybe, male to male he would get through to him? She even allowed him not to go with the family anymore on their survivalist training expidetions to mountains or desert. I used some memories of child hood problems that occurred after my father died and my mother was working so much that we were left alone and some fights developed that resulted in injuries. We tried never to let her know about them but some times she would have to take one of us to the doctors, so it wasn't a secret. In on scene in the Lightning in the Tunnel Begins,  I have Vicki wanting to hit Brian like an adult after the tried to strangle his sister, Cindi. She didn't do it but the reader must realize that Brian is six foot tall and works out with weights all the time. He wasn't just some little kid but a young man. A couple of reviewers didn't realize this and got hung up on this point! I know now days that everyone thinks a parent should never touch their child, but you have to realize the moment it was occurring, she was upset and angered by his actions! For this, her family was called dysfunctional!
Brad, never thought he would have anyone else by his side, he loved Vicki so much but when events separated them, he found comfort in Michele's arms but he had Vicki on his mind. When leaving the Tomb after rejoining his family, he wasn't sure Vicki was alive or dead since she hadn't returned to the Tomb.
He didn't become a whoremonger because he wanted to but events lead him to have sex with those in his tight knit group and that led to the joining ceremony where they became his wives. All he really wanted was Vicki back with him, the love of his life.
Okay, talk back to me! Let me know if this all makes sense! Check out this dystopia/apocalyptic series. I know there still is a gap between Lightning in the Tunnel Begins and Zigzagging Home but I soon will fill it in with L.I.T. "The Rescue". This occurred when I took Lightning in the Tunnel, in the beginning off the market but I'm sure everyone can follow the story without it until I get it published!
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