Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Things are not what they seem!

After returning from an Author's Convention and book signing, I mentioned in my previous blogs, I had another set up in a larger city not far from my home three weeks after the trip to North Carolina. When the day happened, I found they didn't carry any of my books. Strange! I had paid my publisher to have them presented to them. Being part of a major chain, I assumed they would. Then I found out they didn't carry any books by my Publisher! Luckily, I had them that I carried with me. I never knew when I might make a sale especially with my wife talking to everyone we met about my books!
After the book signing was over, I left two sets of my books there on consignment just in case some of those I talked to decided to come back and purchase them.
All this, had me thinking, what is up? I started checking into my so called TP and found they weren't really one. They made their money by selling books to the author not the public! Wheels started to churn as I realized that I had to do something if I wanted people to read my books. I started really blogging in earnest along with contacting others on the Internet learning all about building a platform and about Connections! That I mentioned before. Learning from the best of them, I became an Indie Writer!
I ignore most of the email from my publisher even though I soon will have to buy a few more books from them when these run out. I can't wait until the end of my contract runs out for the books they have published, then I will re-edit them and publish them either on SP or a real TP.
I put my new books on ebook (Kindle) first and saw how they were received. Encouraged, I have published four books on Createspace and Amazon in time for Christmas. I know most bookstores won't carry them being SP but if I can create enough interest, the stores might order a few for their customers that ask for them. Let me know what you think, add comments to this blog or take a look at my website! http://www.sites.google.com/site/booksbyagmoye