Sunday, December 9, 2012

Lightning Begins to shine!

Today I want to talk in depth a little about my first book that I revised after hearing so many comments about the sex scenes in it. First I want to speak of one reviewer calling it a story of a dysfunctional family. Because Brian hit Cindi the night before the missile came. Cindi was taught at a young age not to hit her brother back and he took advantage of her knowing she would never touch him in that way. Brian, I explained in a later book but then took it back out, was jealous of Cindi when he became a teenager. She was the goody two-shoes of the two. He hated her for getting all the praises to the point of doing everything he wasn't supposed to, further alienating his family. His desires to have Angel, who had turned him down on many occasions led to his agreeing with Jack that the women should become property down in the Tomb. Jack was the real whoremonger wanting the young girls, Brian knew Cindi wouldn't stand for being property, it was just another of his ways of trying to bring her down to gravel beneath his feet!
As I said early in another post, I took the original book called  Lightning in the Tunnel, "In the Beginning" off the market and revised it calling it "Lightning in the Tunnel Begins" Then I went through it eliminating as much as the sex scenes as I could and still tell the story which one reviewer called a good story line! That made me feel good. Because the story was so long, I had to break it into another book the part between Lightning in the Tunnel Begins and Zigzagging Home. That part I called "L.I.T. To the Rescue"  I am still revising that part so it flows into Zigzagging Home. In both books, Begins and Rescue, I added more depth to the characters that made them longer. I believe this will take the focus off the sex and place it on the storyline! Yet, there still is some sex but it is instrumental in telling the story! Take a gander at it and see if you agree!
Because my love of writing, I felt the books would bring entertainment to the reader and tell a good story! I have several readers caught up in the story and they can't wait until the next installment comes out, but sadly to say after "A Need for Lightning" there is only one saga left and that is "Lightning Rages" then the series will all be in print and on kindle ebook. Enjoy!
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