Thursday, December 6, 2012

Keeping an eye on the ball!

As 2012 draws to a close, I a back after replacing my modem on my computer. Sorry for the skipped days. I should be finished with my story today, uh maybe? As time progressed, I looked at my first book and listening to my readers, I decided to remove it from the market. Oh, sure there is a few copies out there still to be purchased and the ebook but I have cancelled my contract with that publisher and asked that it be removed from circulation. They agreed, so I sat down and rewrote the book now titled "Lightning in the Tunnel Begins" . The reviews were mostly critical of there being too much sex in it. One reviewer said it was a good storyline, so I went in and reduced down the sex to the minimum. Sex is part of the story, what else can people do when trapped inside with a nuclear winter covering their world. Being trapped with a group of females, it is naturally going to occur especially since his wife is not around!
Looking at my books, I now could concentrate on Connecting with the World! I started spending at least two to three hours a day on connecting and found a lot of interesting and friendly people living in this world and I mean world. Every once in a while, I look to see where my connections are and found this to be a fact.
I causally mentioned that I published three books, now four with one just coming out yesterday. Branching out from the series I wrote, I wrote one called "T.T. Gristman" a story about a one armed mountain man that goes back in time to rescue a young woman and falls in love with her. A bittersweet event for Tee living alone on top of his Kentucky Mountains!
While T.T. Gristman languished on my computer, I wrote "A Stranger Comes Crawling" A story about female Alien that comes to Earth in a lifeboat. She meets and marries a nineteen year old young man. Ripley finds being married to an Alien from another world puts him on the run from authorities that wish to lock her up. He discovers her powerful mind and helps her with keeping out of the clutches of the authorities. When her parent arrives in another lifeboat, it is decided they needed to get off earth before someone else gets killed. Going to her home worlds, Rip finds out what alien life really was arriving on a planet controlled by those that called themselves, "Minds".  Rip finds he has to rescue his wife carrying his child from their death sentence for becoming "Zotorna!" and having emotions like the lower class people that lived on the worlds they ruled!
The third book that a I published was number seven in the Lightning in the Tunnel Series called "Changes a Bullet Makes" about efforts to unite the world in peace and under one government to end all future wars. So the destruction that World War III brought about would never occur on Earth again. Vicki asserts that humans are the caretakers of Earth and all its' species along with the future belonging to the Stars bringing about the start of human colonization of the Moon and other planets or their moons. A gold rush to the Asteroid Belt brings thousands into the belt but a Martian bug cast a pall on the rush to get off Earth and the paranoia that grips Earth, afraid of other deadly things that may be found out in space.
 By the time these three are steadily climbing the charts, I went ahead and published the eighth book on the Lightning in the Tunnel Series with only one more to go called "Lightning Rages!
Book Eight was titled, "A Need for Lightning!" it is a story about what happens when Aliens make contact with Humans out near the Saturn Moons! This contact leads Brad and his wives to decided to build a spaceship and go out to talk to them and others out there but problems exist on Earth! They won't be allowed to return once they left so they are facing a colossal decision on whether to take the younger children or leave them on Earth. A Doctor made a discovery that would make all the Earthly fears a mute point but those in power knew they would be ousted if the Earth knew of this discovery. They ruled by fear! Steps were taken to make sure word of this never reached never reached Earth of his discovery that made humans immune to everything they might run across in outer space! That's all for today! Make comments or otherwise give me your feedback!