Wednesday, December 19, 2012


As Christmas approaches, I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas! Years past when my children were young, I recall that I would barely have any money to buy them gifts and always shopped the night before Christmas. I have always been one of those that waited until the last minute, mainly because of money questions. The  Metal company I worked for then always gave a Christmas bonus and I would use that to buy Christmas gifts. The children were always sent to bed when I came home from shopping. I would spend the next few hours, sometimes almost until the sun came up assembling things I bought for the children. A few times, I just got into bed when the children woke up on Christmas morning. They would wake me up so they could open their presents! The joy on each of the faces was what made it worthwhile! One of the items I purchased for my oldest at the time, Lisa was a pair of roller skates. She was about four, just turning five. She loved those skates. Sleeping with her younger sister, they would some times wet the bed, don't recall which one. I was working the 11 pm to 7 am shift and would get home about 7:30 am and I would find her roller staking naked down the sidewalks. (If she did that now, I would worry about all the perverts out there)  My neighbor who had 21 children would also tell me where she was, she kept an eye on her for me. My wife at that time tended to sleep late and the children were up unsupervised until I got home. Yet I knew my children were safe knowing the neighbors kept an eye on them. Memories of the joy filled times with the children to me, made Christmas! I hope you have just as pleasant memories of Christmas past!
Now that all the children are grown up and have children of their own, I hope they have just as fond memories of each child on Christmas.
Each child the parent realizes goes down their own path in life. I have children and grandchildren scattered all around the USA. Some of the grandchildren have their own children to worry about now. The senseless things that go on in this world makes me worry about them more than I should. A parent shouldn't have to worry when their child goes off to school about them never coming home again! It is bad enough when accidents claim one of their lives but the senseless killings, should not be one that the parents have to worry about. They have enough worries as it is! I know the families of the victims will not have a good Christmas or even a happy one. There is an outcry to ban guns, remember guns don't kill people, only people (Stupid) people kill people! I agree that news service should not tell the name of the shooter, this is what they believe is their moment of fame! I think some of the shooters if they know no one will were hear their name, might not kill so many before they kill themselves, but who is to say?
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