Monday, December 10, 2012

chatting with a one arm mountain man!

I guess all writers start getting bored with a long series, that was what happened to me on the Lightning in the Tunnel series while rewriting book eight of the series. I had the story and my characters were starting to ride off into the sunset, I debated about adding stories of the children as they became adults, then I decided I wanted to add some more adventures to my old characters. Brad, Vicki, Michele, Jean and others. Since, Cat and Jackson had left the family to follow their dream of going into space, I took the rest of the characters into space. That is the essence of "A Need For Lightning!"
Just before taking them into space, the idea came to me about trying a love/romance story. Like all my books "T.T. Gristman" couldn't be a straight love story it had to have other things in it. My wife, Sammi was shocked when she read T.T. I started on it and didn't stop until it was complete instead of jumping back and forth like I normally do between books. It is a story of a one armed mountain man that lost the use of his right arn in a Moonshine still explosion. He is recruited by a meek-geek type inventor (David) that built a time portal needing someone to go back in time and bring his sister back. She ran accidentally through the portal and doesn't know she is back in time. Ordinarily Tee, as he is called would never take this task but he inherited from his grandparents two mountains in Kentucky and didn't know he had to pay taxes. He ignored the notices not realizing what they were until the Sheriff showed up with papers informing him they were going on the auction block. Barely scraping by on selling some of the timber, Tee had no money to pay. David knows this from his father that intends to buy the land and turn it into retirement homes and expects to make millions. After being laughed at by two other prospects, David approaches Tee offering to pay his back taxes. David heard he fought a mountain lion barehanded and won, so he sounded like the tough kind of guy David needed to go back in time. Thinking David was trying to play some kind of joke on him, Tee was skeptical but the offer to pay his back taxes and save his land was too much to resist. Since David paid his taxes, Tee kept up his end of the deal and went back in time. David told him he had three days to find his sister, Joyce they all called Joy for short, he takes enough supplies that he felt he could live on for three days.
Right away, upon arriving back in time, Tee learns she is an uppity-bitch that thinks he is a low life and didn't believe she was back in time. She thought somehow, David and Tee were playing a trick on her and that it wasn't real. Being a chatterbox, he had a hard time making her keep from talking. Right away, he disliked her and wished he had never taken the job. Events occur that make him backhand her for screaming when she wakes up to find she was sleeping with a snake! A tribe of Savages lived down the mountain from where they were hiding. She calls him a mean,smelly, ugly cripple that beats on women. Joy soon learns that he is telling the truth but can't stand to be around him, yet she needs him to get back. He hated her but started falling in love with her being the first woman that he spent any time with since the death of his grandparents. He didn't realize how lonely he was up on the mountain living by himself.
A Tornado on David's end cuts the power when they start back and forces them to spend more time back in time. Joy is forced to change in order to survive doing things she never would do before to just stay alive. Joy knew he was in love with her but would have none of that, her fiance was a rich handsome man she would marry when she graduated from college in a few months. By the time they returned to their own time, they had learned to tolerate each other but she refused to let him get close to her!
Back in their own time, they went their separate ways and Tee went on another adventure before returning to his mountain where he finds that his home was destroyed by the tornado that cut the power off when they were to originally to return home! Heartbroken because he believes Joy has married and got on with her life, Tee tries to get on with his lonely existence up on the mountain. He soon learns that there is a whole world out there and seeks out companionship.
Tee goes through a metamorphosis after rebuilding his home and finds out why he had been adopted by his grandparents and not raised by his parents. He tries to find love again but can't get Joy out of his mind! or for paperback  make comments or give me other feedback! I would love to hear what you have to say!