Monday, December 3, 2012

Getting There! A writer's Journey part 3

Learning the writer's are the one that promote their books or there was no sales of them, I started making connections through the various groups I joined and learned from. Then I learned a curious fact, that trying to push them didn't work! Slowly, I learned that it was all about making connections and Strangely, I started to enjoy the making of Connections just as much as writing. I was shocked to find I had a lot of viewers and connections in Russia. I think they related to the Lightning in the Tunnel series about nuclear winter with their winters being so harsh. When I started blogging about survival, I found people are extremely interested in my blogs. I had one from Bosnia respond by saying that he had just formulated a survival plan but was not ready when things happened and he needed it. He wished he had prepared sooner! Being prepared is the key to survival whether it is a nuclear war as my characters had to or a natural disaster like those in Japan faced caused by earthquakes. Living in LA where earthquakes happen frequently, you assume the government or other agencies will come to your rescue and have only enough for a very short time. Hurricane Sandy showed the East Coast, especially New York and the surrounding areas that no matter how remote the chance of another hundred year storm, that they must be prepared. Not pay it just lip service!  For those that missed my earlier blog on survival, the steps are simple but not easy to do!
(1) Make a plan, make it as involved and deep as you can covering all the bases of what you and whomever is to be with you so you don't overlook something!
(2) make preparations, get the necessary items you need to survive and those with you!
(3) communicate your plan and train those that need it so they will know what to do when the event happens. Be sure to cover all bases, when you are at work! when you are out of town!
(4) hold some practice drills and maybe include the local authorities in your plan. See what they have planned! Everyone must know your plan that is involved with it! Family, neighbors, and friends. It is a good idea on items that have expiration dates that just before they expire, practice living on them so you can see what you missed!
(5)Re-visit you plan frequently, maybe keep it posted on the Refrigerator or some other place so you can see it daily! Remember, "Out of sight is out of mind!" Events occur when you least expect them!
Now to summarize this blog and continue it tomorrow! Connections with people are the most important thing I have learned and surprisingly enjoy! Someday book sales may follow but they are not the most important thing in my life any more! Talk back to me, I love to hear from you and just chat. If you wish to find out more about my writing go to:

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