Sunday, December 30, 2012

Little Things that mean a lot!

Took the day off blogging yesterday, had to get my mind cleared up a little for the New Year! Anyway, Happy New Year to everyone out there. Try not to party to much Monday night, it makes for a slow day on Tuesday, New Year's day! LOL! I don't know what or how you celebrate or even if you do but be safe whatever you do, we need you around next year!
Now back to my blogging, I made a decision to publish "A Stranger Comes Crawling"  on Smashwords for all those that don't have a Kindle (By the way, it is still on Amazon) reader but other kinds. It is availabe at the same low price at for everyone that owns an ereader.
I also chose to place the first book in the Lightning in the Tunnel series on Smashwords as well called "Lightning in the Tunnel Begins" for those that don't have Kindle but some other kind of ereader!
The link to it is for those that want to read the start of the series. life goes on as we all found when the world didn't end on December 21 like so many predicted or thought. We each must face each new day with hope and vigor that we will reach our goals whatever they may be. to live just to live makes for an empty soul!
Open your imagination to other things or other worlds. Every day science is announcing the discovery of new planets in the habital zone around the millions of suns(stars) we all see out there. The chances of us being alone in this galazy or other galaxies is getting less and less as we find these new worlds. What would life on Earth be like if we actuallly made contact with an Alien life form?
Would they be just like us? I doubt that but I made mine in "A Stranger Comes Crawling" so people wouldn't be terrified by the Alien and it fit into the plot of the story!
In my Lightning in the Tunnel series book eight, I made them different in "A Need for Lightning"  but not as Alien as in "Planet of the Midnight Mist" or in my "Chronicles of the Marauder" Each writer of SiFi uses his or her imagination to create Alien lifeforms. What they are really like would frighten us to some degree but if we remember, they are living things just like us, then we can get along!
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