Friday, December 7, 2012

Strike one! Missed that ball!

Yesterday, I took my eye off the ball and jumped over to talking about my newest books forgetting that was not what this is about, Or is it?Back to talking about my story on the road to be an acceptable author. Notice, I didn't say great author! There is only a handful that become great.
Now, back to keeping my eye on the ball. One of the connections I made through Figment was one Kate.H. better known as the Half-Light, she has made some totally awesome book covers for me. The last four book covers came from her! This young girl has a great imagination and some day will become a great writer as well! Her work is good already but she is still working to perfect her craft as I am. One of her books will eventually make the best seller list. Her cover images of my books the best there is!
Blogging everyday is time consuming and I sometimes run out of ideas without telling the whole story in my blogs. My wife, Sammi reading my blogs said that I was giving away too much of the story and no one would have to buy any of my ten books to read the whole story. I thought about what she said and then challenged her to do better. She took over blogging for my SiFi, "A Stranger Comes Crawling and T.T. Gristman, my romance novel with a twist. I blog for the others on another blog. Each day we compete to see who gets the most views. That has made it fun for us and less work. So far, she wins 5 out of 7 blogs unless I cheat and post two blogs in one day. The only time she has had to do a double post was when she posted a heading that actually turned off the readers. By suggesting that T.T. was a woman beater! But he is not! It is a romance/adventure! She learned her lesson and so did I!
I have been asked a couple times in interviews, Why do you write? My answer is simple, I love to write and always have! The idea for my series came up during the LA riots wondering after seeing how the people acted, What it would be like if a real disaster hit LA? The book rolled around in my head for a few years before I actually started writing. At that time, being in my sexual prowess years, I created sex scenes in the story because the characters in it had a lot of time trapped and unable to move out because of the nuclear winter and constant blizzards that occurred. I cut most of those scenes out except those necessary to tell the whole story. Even then, I tried to reduce down the descriptions to a bare minimum, after all this was not supposed to be an erotica series, but a story of one family's ordeal through the mess.Read the Lightning in the Tunnel Series to get the complete picture!
When asked, Where did you come up with the idea of "A Stranger Comes Crawling" I answered. Just like the premise of the Lightning in the Tunnel series, I wondered how people would react or what would happen if an Alien came to Earth. At first I knew that the information would be suppressed unless it landed on the lawn in front of the White House, that would be hard to hide! The reason it would be suppressed was how such an event would shake the foundation of our beliefs. Most religions have no place in their teachings for Aliens to exist. Most people would accept their existence, even a small minority would welcome them with open arms. I used the fear most would have of them in my book. Even though the book takes you back to the worlds the Aliens came from, I tried to explain a lot of why certain things happened the way they did, from Ripley (Rip) falling in love and marrying an Alien within seventy-two hours after she arrives near the end of the book. Hope everyone enjoys reading it as much as I like writing it. I have started the sequel but haven't named it yet! It will be out late in 2013.
During the time I was writing "Changes a Bullet Makes" An idea of another book came to mind. This time I wanted to step out of the genre of apocalyptic/ Dystopia type books. I was still working on Brandi's Nightmare also, I decided to try my hand at writing a romance/adventure but you know me, I can't write nothing without some kind of twist to it. That was where "T,T. Gristman" came to life. I started writing it and couldn't stop, then put it on the back burner while I completed "Changes a Bullet Makes!" part of my series. I just had both published after I made a few more changes and it went through the editing process.
Completing  "A Need for Lightning" I went back and worked on Brandi's Nightmare some, it is three quarters written. Being a mystery book, I find it hard to write trying to keep the readers interested and not give away the end! Meanwhile, I started two more books. One about an Alien world where the  Humans are the Aliens that come to that world! The other I'm really focused on right now is called "Chronicles of the Marauder!" I feel I'm growing as a writer and each book becomes better and better. The same thing goes for my series, I am writing the last book of that series called, Lightning Rages" I hope to have it concluded in 2013! Give me your comments and feedback! I would love to hear from everyone! Remember Let's make connections! Stay connected! my twitter address is @Agmoye or my email address is I would love to hear from you!