Sunday, December 2, 2012

An Author/writer's struggle

Up to this point, the only thing I had done right to help my writing career was having my daughter, Teresa create me a website. I didn't know how, she is going to college for this stuff! I still don't know how to move things from work in progress to published and to create a new listing for those books published not part of the Lightning in the Tunnel Series.
Anyway, as I said yesterday, I joined Linkedin and the Writer's Group finding that Marketing was the writer's job. I thought writing was the writer's job, Not Marketing! Applying my techniques I used in Management of listening and observing to find what was wrong with production problems and why they did it this way, I dove in. Reading what JD Guye, R.C.Wade,Sally Malkowski and others had to say about what the writer's responsibilities on Marketing.They have to do it all unless you have money to hire a Public Relations firm! Then I made connections with others like Sandra Beckwith,
Reno Lovison, Trevor Lund, Judy Collins, John Riddle and Laura Pepper Wu learning more ways to promote your books.
I then created my first blogs, a twitter account, I had a facebook account, I'm slowly learning how to use it to promote my books and make contacts. Joining several other sites such as World Literary Cafe, Goodreads, Indies Unlimited, Library Thing, Selfari, AuthorsDen,Figment, and more recent, Stumble Upon, Tumblr, along with creating me a post on Author Central/agmoye.
All these steps came slowly as I seeked to understand this writer's part in Writing called Marketing. I find myself spending more time trying to build an author's platform. I had been on Google plus for  a long time before I found it was a good way to blog on. So Using all these tools, I have slowly started to build my connections around the world. I'm a long way from where I should be if I had known about the other side of writing earlier but I am getting there! I have done two author Interviews, the last one with Tracy Kauffin, so I'm learning about those and will add that to this site after I finish with telling my writing beginnings.
Jane Blanchard and Jonathon Fields has helped a lot, one with pointing out direction I should be going and the other about steps to get there. I recently published three more of my books, T.T. Gristman, A Stranger Comes Crawling(SiFi) and Changes a Bullet Makes, Book eight of my Lightning in the Tunnel series! That's all for today! Talk back to me! Let me know what you think!