Thursday, December 20, 2012

Post apocalyptic world

Today I received my print copies of the next to last book I wrote in the Lightning in Tunnel series called "A need for Lightning" It made me think of the series how I took it from the tragedy of a nuclear war that killed many and separated families. For a period of time, it was like they were back in the dark ages having to depend on each other for survival against nature (Nuclear Winter), those that wish to harm them and those that wanted them dead. Zigzagging Home and Journey Continues.* were about how they got to the a place they could settle down and rebuild a shattered World they lived in! A Place Called Terra dealt with them making a home and new country but it still wasn't a very safe place to live hence "Terror Reigns" and General Tomahawk Rises dealt with the violent world they lived in. In 'Changes a Bullet makes" It starts out a little violent but then the world finally comes to its senses and decides that war is no longer an option for settling disagreements, or they would totally destroy this planet we are all caretakers on.
Writing "A Need for Lightning" I took my Characters from a peaceful Earth yet still troubled into space!
 Some may wonder why I did this? The answer is! I didn't want my ccharacters to just ride off into the sunset which they were on the verge of doing. By adding a reason to go into space, I came up with the idea of writing my book "A Stranger Comes Crawling" About an Alien coming to Earth and all the problems that mankind would have if they knew for a fact Aliens existed! Getting back to my series, there is only one book left to publish and it is called "Lightning Rages"
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