Friday, December 21, 2012

Same crazy world is still here!

Contrary to what  a lot of people said and wanted, the world didn't end today as they hoped for! We are still here facing the same old problems that existed the day before.I know a lot of people stocked up or threw end of the world parties only to wake up and find nothing has changed. Some people wanted the world to end hoping so they could restart the human race in the fashion they envisioned to make it a better world in their eyes! Talking with my daughter, Tara, we remarked how many times in recent years that the world was suppose to end. Y2k came to mind, the preacher that calculated that the bible said the world would end, now the end of the Mayan calender. It would take a major event such as nuclear war to make this current world fall apart even then, the world wouldn't all be destroyed just parts of it. Biological weapons could reek havoc on the world. Yet, there will still be little areas that will survive and restart the human race. We have been to the brink of wiping out mankind several times but we came back! We are always building to our destiny, that is going into space to place our seeds among the stars! Even though the world is not what you want it to be like, we will survive until we exhaust and destroy this planet enough making us go else where to live! The human spirit is so strong that regardless of how many people seek to squash it, it may hide in the dark ages for a while but it will come back!
Right now, there is a great outcry to eliminate guns from private ownership or restrict it. I feel that what really needs to be done, is make it less of a hassle for those needing mental health care and keep those that suffer from this from buying guns. Was there warning signs? I don't know but I'm sure that someone had a clue in each of these tragedies that something might occur. How cane we get those that know to alert the proper authorities without being a nation that turns in our neighbors or families? This question I really don't have an answer for. What could the Authorities do when they get such a report?
In my Lightning in the Tunnel series, they eliminate private ownership of guns when they add Luna as a state trying to keep weapons out of space. Yet, they find a way to make weapons in space using compressed air that has the same impact as a gun being fired with no gravity, so what I'm saying is if humans want to kill, they will find a way!
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